Thursday, August 5, 2010


HF is a shop that I co-own with my BFF.
It started as a couple nights a week, piddling around in his garage.
Then we got a really crappy shop in the middle of nowhere.
Now we got a pretty cool spot in Downtown Orlando.
Stop by and see us sometime.

We got a sign like a real business would have.

W also have an air-conditioned office with trinkets for sale

Our shop is getting more full as we get farther behind.

We have a refrigerator that occasionally has drinks in it, a place to sit, and a place to crap.

We just finished this bike for our good buddy Termite.

And we got security. One chases lizards, the other chases crackheads.

We are still an afterhours type of joint.
So, if you want to stop by, hit us up first to make sure we are around.
1104 South Westmoreland Dr., Orlando, FL 32805


  1. So is that a porto pottie door in front of a bathroom door way?

  2. That's a sweet set up....fuck in a!

  3. A real Port-a-pottie door, yes, complete with vulgar descriptions of oral sex, and the stench of job-site diarrhea. Inside there is a mirror, one of the last remaining pieces of the once appalling mens room of Will's Loch Haven Pub. Also with its share of sharpie art.

    Our "set up" is a constant change. As we try to keep our minds and the floor clear of unwanted debris, the client list and inventory grows and we are forced to step over certain unattractive artifacts of motorcycle fashion history.

  4. hey guys i dont live to far from there and would love to come down and check out the shop. ive seen some of your bikes around town and have been wondering where you guys are located. now i know so one day i need to hit you boys up and check it out.

  5. 1104 South Westmoreland Dr. Orlando, FL 32804
    We keep odd hours so keep driving by until you see the door up.

  6. Are you still located there? Not far from either of my jobs and I've lived around here all my life so I know that certan section of Westmoreland suck pretty fuckin' bad!

  7. Hey are you guys still around? I'm down from Canada on Saturday/sunday and I am looking to pick up a full face helmet. What time will you be around? Thanks