Sunday, April 11, 2010

JP Cycle monthly swapmeet.

Woke up this morning with nothing to do, so I piled into the "Giant,rat motored, Suburban" and headed off to the JP cycle, Destination Daytuna, swap meet. Not overly big but there's always something interesting there. You know if you ride your bike you'll find something large you need, plus this is close by so I drove.
There was some cool bikes in the parking lot . Different enough to stand out from the usual stuff.
There was a cool 65 HD Sprint for sale, nicest one I've seen in a while. Also a guy had this "Hardknock Kikker" for saleTitled and tagged, pretty cheap. My grandson would mow lawns for a year to have that!
What did I buy this week? A set of pullback risors and a seat that fits nothing I own. Oh well it was a good time and got to BS with like minded people.
On the way out I saw this funny car body setting on a trailor. Ends up it was one of Scott Kalitta's old cars, Scott lost his life at Englishtown a few years back, kind of weird seeing it... Never know what you'll see when your out and about

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